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Laurentia MClain

Book Doctor

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Two beautiful cousins want the same man. One of them will stop at nothing to get what she wants, including murder...

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Golden-skinned Meïamoun has a peerless male beauty, the courage of a lion, and one obsession: his queen. Unfortunately, she doesn't know he exists. But he will risk anything, including his life, to catch her eye. 

Queen Cleopatra, the most powerful woman in the world, craves true love more than all her riches. What is she willing to sacrifice to have it?

One of Cleopatra's Nights is a short novella written by French author Theophile Gautier in 1838 and thoroughly revised and edited by me for a modern audience. Archaic language has been updated, but the wonderful descriptions of ancient Egypt and love story shine brightly. 

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About Laurentia McClain

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Author Stephen King wrote, "Sooner or later, everything old is new again." 

That's my mission. I fix old, archaic books with incredible plots, making them appealing to you, the modern reader. In other words, I'm a book doctor. 

The books I fix are on life support. The prose is nearly impossible to wade through, and attitudes are insensitive or blatantly racist or misogynistic. In short, they are a product of their time. 

However, far from being worthless, they're a fascinating window into the past. Instead of reading a modern author's ideas about the past, you're reading a writer who was living it. And that's priceless. It's a crime for these books to die in the dark, abandoned. 

I hope you enjoy my retellings of these forgotten but superb authors and their stories. Enjoy.  
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