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Laurentia MClain

Latest Book
Twisted Elopement

Young Daisy has two bitter regrets…


One was keeping a murderous secret for a violent psychopath. The other was trusting her ravishing cousin Amber as her confidante...

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Twisted Love-A Prequel

Mary's only crime is loving a Yankee. But her father, Judge Campbell, will make her pay...

Growing up in war-torn America isn't easy for Mary. But worse, her father is a powerful Southern judge, and she's fallen in love with a wounded Yankee sailor.  She knows this can't end well. 

Lt. Robert Monroe is severely injured in battle and ready to give up until he meets a beautiful young Southern nurse who captures his heart and gives him a reason to live. He will risk everything to make sweet Mary his own.

In this prequel to the Twisted Games series, Mary Campbell and Robert Monroe will defy her father, the judge, but at what price?

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About Laurentia McClain

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Author Stephen King wrote, "Sooner or later, everything old is new again." 

That's my mission. I fix old, archaic books with incredible plots, making them appealing to you, the modern reader. 

The books I fix are on life support. The prose is nearly impossible to wade through, and attitudes are insensitive or blatantly racist or misogynistic. 

However, far from being worthless, they're a fascinating window into the past. Instead of reading a modern author's ideas about the past, you're reading a writer who was living it. And that's priceless. It's a crime for these books to die in the dark, abandoned. 

I hope you enjoy my retellings of these forgotten but superb authors and their stories. Enjoy.  
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