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Twisted Elopement

Two beautiful cousins–orphans and heiresses to their grandfather's vast estate–want the same man.  


Daisy Mead is recently home from boarding school. Unlike her peers, she isn’t interested in the latest fashions from Paris or finding a wealthy suitor. Bright and lovely, she dreams of a simple life as an artist and wife to Matthew. But Daisy is hiding a dangerous secret that’s about to ruin her life.

Her cousin Amber Laurens is sophisticated and glamorous. And she loves three things, money, fashion, and men.  And now that Daisy has decided on the man she wants, Amber wants him too. 


Handsome lawyer Matthew Grant wields a potent charm that captures young Daisy’s sweet, naive heart and ignites a lethal craving in Amber. He returns Daisy’s love wholeheartedly yet becomes ensnared by Amber, trapped in a web of treacherous lies and emotions.


As betrayal and resentment build, this twisted Gilded Age romance unfolds where bonds of kinship fray, and only one cousin can win Matthew forever. Daisy’s heart, inheritance, and possibly her life are on the line.


In a landscape where love and obsession intertwine, see if Daisy and Matthew’s dreams survive or crumble beneath the weight of a psychopath's malevolence.

Twisted Elopemente Kindle Book Cover (1600 × 2560 px).png
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