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Twisted Elopement

Two beautiful cousins–orphans and heiresses to their grandfather's vast estate–want the same man.  

A sunny beauty, Daisy dreams of a simple life as an artist and marrying handsome but struggling young lawyer Matthew Graham–a man her wealthy grandfather has forbidden her to see. But underneath her bright exterior, Daisy must keep a deadly secret that will jeopardize all her dreams if exposed.


Her cousin Amber is a vision of Gilded Age sophistication and glamor. She craves money, revels in fashion, and hungers for male attention. And now, with Daisy's heart firmly set on Matthew, Amber's covetous eyes turn toward the same prize, a prize she's willing to pursue at any cost, even murder.


When Amber and her powerful grandfather join forces to tear the lovers apart, Daisy and Matthew are thrust into a sinister web of lies where escape seems impossible.  


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